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RSI is an exchange for engaging and partnering with thought leaders, innovators and organizations to advance the sustainability and resiliency of businesses, institutions and communities to thrive into the future. Our exchange, through formal and informal discussions, action learning accelerators, publications, online and in print, provides access to progressive leaders and actionable insights for Canadians and our global partners.

InterGEN speaks to the people capability requirements for delivering value into the future, by investing in developing tomorrow’s leaders and optimizing established brain trusts– starting today! We leverage our intergenerational network of thought leaders at the forefront of change, innovation and sustainability to accelerate future-ready capabilities in a disruptive era.


Step Up

The COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, social inequalities and racial divides, food insecurity and hunger, lack of affordable and healthy housing, spiking homelessness, extreme weather events, political unrest, and more – all covered around the clock by broadcast news and social media. To mitigate that risk, and encourage positive change, RSI has created three STEPUP! Initiatives for development actions and scalable, focused delivery during 2020 to 2022.

Thought Leadership

The convergence of climate, technology and socio-economic changes impact everything and everyone, everywhere. The world of even five years ago, was vastly different than today with even more disruptions on the horizon. To thrive in such an uncertain environment, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs are accelerating the sustainability and resiliency of their homes, businesses, and respective communities.

AI Sustainable Futures

This is a one-day action-focused exchange where forward-thinking leaders, entrepreneurs and experts from business, finance, science, cities and civil society come together to discover opportunities for advancing our future sustainability— with a special focus on how AI, Digital Technologies and other Transformative Innovations. And, to forge new partnerships with fellow trailblazers for getting to the next level of future readiness.




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