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April 21, 2021

Rethink Sustainability Initiatives is now a proud recipient of Environment Canada’s ‘Climate Action Fund’

Toronto, ON – Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) is one of the recipients of the Climate Action Fund (CAF). The grant, in the amount of $440,380, is for an RSI-led project that will support St James Town (SJT) – a highly diverse and densely populated neighbourhood in Central Toronto – to become the most-informed and best-prepared high-rise community on climate change impacts in the city and the country.

The project, entitled “Community Climate Action (CCA): St James Town,” is funded in part by the Government of Canada. This project is being structured to help engage and educate key residents and stakeholders within and connected to SJT and inspire active participation in the discovery of scalable climate adaptation actions that can be implemented across the city and the country.

“We are excited to lead the Community Climate Action project and support transformative climate action and engagement initiatives that will contribute to Canada’s climate goals,” said Darla Campbell, RSI Chair. “These funds will go toward supporting our community-centered climate, food and affordable housing initiatives,” she added.

Toronto-based not-for-profit organization that work in SJT, Trinity Life/The New Common, is partnering with RSI on the development and execution of the CCA initiative.

“By aligning the project’s goal with ECCC’s vision, RSI and partners will provide a broad platform for residents, landlords, and other stakeholders to voice their thoughts, and to discover actionable solutions to some of the key social, environmental, and economic impacts of climate change on St. James Town and, by extension, on other urban communities in Toronto and across Canada,” said Paul Dowsett, RSI Past-Chair and Project Manager.

The Climate Action Fund (CAF) by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) supports climate actions in communities across the country. The objective of projects funded under the program is to raise awareness of climate change and build capacity in order to increase climate actions that contribute to Canada’s clean growth and climate change plan. Working towards the vision of building a net zero emissions economy by 2050, this fund prioritizes community-based climate action, youth awareness on climate issues, and advancing climate research and science & technology.

Yasmin Glanville, RSI Founder and Project Lead said, “This is the first year we’ve received funds from the ECCC. This grant will help RSI amplify public awareness of climate change at a grassroots community level. It will also help accelerate the discovery and use of tangible solutions that resonate with top-of-mind issues that impact people’s everyday lives today and into the the future.”


Yasmin Glanville
Project Lead
647 725 7734

About RSI

Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) is Not-for-Profit “think and do” organization that engages, advises and partners with thought leaders, innovators, and organizations to advance the sustainability and resiliency of businesses, institutions and communities to thrive into the future. We provide access to progressive leaders and actionable insights for Canadians and our global partners through formal and informal discussions, community projects, action learning accelerators, digital and print publications and education.

Our Partner:

Trinity Life/The New Common:

Trinity Life is a non-profit, faith-based organization serving Toronto to create healthy communities through collaboration. The New Common is an organization started through Trinity Life that seeks to empower communities in domain engagement through asset-based community development. Over the past eight years, Trinity Life has served to empower and push forward community development efforts in Regent Park and in St James Town.;

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