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Our exchange, through formal and informal discussions, action learning accelerators, publications, online and in print, provides access to progressive leaders and actionable insights for Canadians and our global partners.

InterGEN speaks to the people capability requirements for delivering value into the future, by investing in developing tomorrow’s leaders and optimizing established brain trusts– starting today! We leverage our intergenerational network of thought leaders at the forefront of change, innovation and sustainability to accelerate future-ready capabilities in a disruptive era.




RSI Leadership Series, Spring 2019 – Thought Leadership Report

RSI Dinner & Dialogue, Spring 2019 - Thought Leadership Report Executive Summary from Spring 2019, Leadership Dinner & Dialogue Series is now available for download. Thought Leadership Report - Spring 2019

RSI Leadership Series, February 2019 – Executive Summary

RSI 2019 Leadership Dinner & Dialogue Series, February 19, 2019 Executive Summary from February 19th, 2019, Leadership Dinner & Dialogue Series is now available for download. Executive Summary-February 2019

Sustainable Futures – Thought Leadership Report 2018

Sustainable Futures Summit 2018 A full report on Thought Leadership from AI Sustainable Futures Summit 2018 is now available for download. Thought Leadership Report 2018


Efficient buildings in the 2020s

By: Yves Lemoine Most people know about renewable energy generation, storage and electrified transportation, but their knowledge of cleaner, more efficient building options seems to be incomplete. There are many technologies, and numerous voices. LARGE NORTH AMERICAN BUILDINGS – KEY [...]

Top 5 Things Homeowners Can Do to Have a More Sustainable Home

By: Paul Dowsett We’ve put together a list of the top five things that homeowners can do to make their house more sustainable. This list focuses on reducing your energy use (and your energy bills!), which will reduce the amount [...]

Sustainability by design: letting go is hard to do!

And why this is important for future of energy in the built space by: Dr. Yannick Beaudoin As society has moved into the 21st century, it has not significantly addressed a critical blind spot: the fundamental human system [...]


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