STEPUP! To Food Security Action Project Team 

Yasmin Glanville

Project Role: Strategic Foresight, Partnerships

Yasmin is a results-focused innovation, transformation and communications strategist, and implementor for public and private organizations and boards in Canada and abroad. This includes collaborative design of sustainable, future fit solutions to systemic issues related to food, housing, health, climate change and inclusion. She founded RSI to connect leaders and organizations to help shape a more positive, resilient, and sustainable future, for business and society, that benefits the greater good, including future generations.

Helen Ng, MA, BA (Hons)

Project Role: Community Stakeholder Engagement 

Helen is results-oriented professional with extensive international experience working on urban sustainability issues and Smart Cities development with local governments and senior public and private leaders. Specific to Food Security and Stakeholder Engagement, one of the key aspects of Urban sustainability includes system-level food, shelter and economic prosperity for community residents and essential services.

Jenn O. Yim

Project Role:Visual Communications and Design 

Jennifer is the senior digital designer for Spark Growth and is the visual communications lead for this project. She comes from a formal design background and has 10 years experience leading the design practice at a boutique digital marketing agency based in Toronto and New York. In her cross-border leadership position at the agency, she oversaw projects and relationships externally and internally, company operations and finances, and award-winning creative output. She has deep technical skills in all digital areas of design, including branding, social media marketing, UX and web design, and has the programming experience to successfully manage development teams domestically and overseas.

Richard (Rick) Fitzgerald

Project Role: Strategy and Partnerships

Rick is recognized as a leader who sees the big picture and taps into the intelligence of teams, partners, alliances, and data to drive growth, innovation, and positive change – for corporations, NGOS, NFPS and professional services companies and Boards, in Canada and abroad. He has been passionately involved with not-for-profit charitable initiatives for over three decades (Canada Safety Council, Special Olympics, Socks4Souls and presently serving as Vice-Chair of RSI). His areas of focus are strategy, organization and aligning execution.

Michael Jones, MES

Project Role: Strategic Relationship Builder and Funding Advisor

Michael has been a strategic leader shaping decisions for environmental and sustainability programs and investment for private and corporate organizations. He has been instrumental in developing ESG strategies and using them to achieve significant benefits to the organization. He specializes in partnership building having aligned corporations and NGO’s to develop lasting mutual benefits for all. Michael is a volunteer Senior Advisor and strategist for RSI.

Over his career, he has specialized in environmental compliance and remediation work specializing in the groundwater industry. He bridged his career into corporate compliance and sustainability applying practical experience in waste management, energy conservation projects and social awareness. His skills include using the key metrics to develop informative public CSR reports. He has been fortunate to experience hands on the lasting impact business can have enriching communities and building relationships that have a lasting impact. He continues to volunteer for local organizations that align with his passion for the environment and well being.

Allenna Leonard, PhD

Project Role:  Systems Design and Group Facilitation

Allenna is President of the International Society for Systems Science.

An internationally renowned consultant, solution focused design and facilitation, and presenter on organizational cybernetics and systems thinking. She uses a systems approach to understanding and acting on planetary, environmental, social problems that impact the ability of people and organizations to survive, adapt and thrive in the context of work, community development and social inclusion. Her experience base is impressive: worked with organizational cybernetic pioneer Stafford Beer for twenty years, consulting and training in organizational cybernetics, Beer’s Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity process, organizing and facilitating Syntegrations

Gary Kasper, PhD

Project Role:  Future-Preparedness Analyst and Strategist 

Outside of his job as the Chief Operating Officer of Green Circle Salons, a waste management company for the beauty industry, Gary is a volunteer Senior Advisor and strategist for RSI.

Over the last decade, he has earned a solid reputation for his leadership and expertise in research and data analysis, strategic planning and foresight, partnerships development, and leading teams for manufacturing, waste management and consulting companies. Ignited by a passion for making a difference, he also managed and executed several successful social purpose initiatives to drive defined business and sustainability goals. An enthusiastic and energetic team player with success in leading teams and training, coaching, and motivating employees.

Michael Seaman, PhD 

Project Role: Community Research, Engagement, Education

Michael is the founder of Trinity Life Church and the New Common, in St. Jamestown, launched in 2013 and 2017, respectively. Through both organizations, Michael has gained a first-hand understanding of the food security and financial challenges that many community residents and businesses face everyday. His approach, like the social inclusion model, is empowering people to actively participate in solution development decisions, actions, and community service activities. Previously, he was a social worker with the Boys & Girls Club, a serial entrepreneur, and a published author – with a common focus on being of service for the greater good, together.

Erin Pan, MSC

Project Role:  Social Innovation Research, Hub Design and Facilitation

Erin is a youth and teacher educator for schools and communities in the GTA. As well as being an RSI advisor, she is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of SustainED, an education platform with the vision to empower the next generation of leaders of all ages to take action with a sustainable mindset in their current and future lives. Specific to this RSI food initiative, Erin is particularly interested in advancing the sustainability of safe, healthy, accessible, and affordable food for high risk communities impacted by the coronavirus and resultant recession and other life circumstances.