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The convergence of climate, technology and socio-economic changes impact everything and everyone, everywhere. The world of even five years ago, was vastly different than today with even more disruptions on the horizon. To thrive in such an uncertain environment, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs are accelerating the sustainability and resiliency of their homes, businesses, and respective communities.

To support this mission-critical need—to advance the sustainability and resiliency of homes, businesses and communities—RSI provides actionable thought leadership insights via an exchange in various forms, including events, workshops, keynotes and publications.  The common focus of every RSI format is what’s needed to thrive in an uncertain future – starting today.

This Thought Leadership section provides some of those insights in the form of articles, presentations and books – developed by RSI and our affiliates.

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Sustainable Futures – Thought Leadership Report 2018

Sustainable Futures Summit 2018 A full report on Thought Leadership from AI Sustainable Futures Summit 2018 is now available for download. Thought Leadership Report 2018

Why is Bridging the Capability Gap Across Generations Important to Your Future Success?

The capability gap created by the upcoming exodus of knowledgeable retirees is not only widening, but is speeding up. To bridge this gap—and strengthen the future capability readiness of their organizations—leaders and entrepreneurs are investing in attracting and developing right-fit [...]

TECH – The Suffix That Disrupts Summary

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TECH - The Suffix That Disrupts Summary There is no more disruptive force in business and society today than tech- nology. This Report highlights the key insights and action decisions arising from RSI’s rst speaker series event [...]

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