About Us

Leading Accelerated Change for a Thriving Future

RSI is a trusted accelerator that uses foresight, collaboration, and systems thinking to shape a thriving future. We bring together leaders and experts from business, institutions, and communities to discover and use scalable sustainability and resiliency solutions. 

Our Mission

To convene and partner with leaders, organizations, and communities to rethink and accelerate the discovery and use of innovative and scalable strategies and actions for shaping a more positive, sustainable, and resilient future, together.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading accelerators for shaping a more resilient and thriving world!

Our Value Proposition

RSI is the pre-eminent convener of action partner leaders and experts from businesses and communities to discover and use scalable solutions for shaping a positive thriving future.

It’s time to rethink sustainability

Everything is connected. Converging global and local crises affect everyone. Major socio-economic and environment crises—climate change, war, inflation, food and shelter insecurity, superstorms—are all aspects of one living system. Our world and everything that exists within it are part of a collective ecosystem.

To advance the readiness of humanity to survive and thrive, we must stop working in silos. We must adopt an inclusive approach to discovering and creating systemic scalable solutions to the issues we are best prepared to address together.

For RSI, it begins by addressing people’s essential needs and interdependencies for thriving today and into the future. Leverage strategic foresight and capacity building to create rapid and positive social, environmental, and economic change.

Accelerate positive change

RSI uses foresight to collaboratively discover and use solutions to advance our readiness to thrive. We lead and accelerate positive change for a resilient and thriving world through a three-step process:


Balance reflection with foresight to navigate the world of complexity and deepen understanding. This creates new perspectives on interconnected problems facing businesses and communities.


Bring partners and stakeholders together to create understanding and action. This enables them to advance the rethinking of issues and accelerates the discovery of practical, scalable strategies.


Together, we translate insights and strategies into action through “boots on the ground” projects, action plans, and activities (e.g., research reports, case studies, best practice playbooks).

Ensure a thriving future

RSI drives positive change for a thriving future. Our collaborative ReThink-Convene-Act approach helps break the cycle of fragmented hopelessness in today’s climate. We focus on what can be done to future-ready our world to thrive and provide options for getting involved.

To mobilize positive change, we interconnect all strategies and initiatives with systemic challenges. We prioritize the following areas of focus to bridge initiatives between corporations and communities:

  • Transition to Net Zero (SDGs 7, 13)
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8)
  • Sustainable Food, Production and Supply Chains (SDGs 2, 12)
  • Infrastructure and Housing (SDGs 1, 10, 11)

Take positive action today with RSI

Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) is a positive change acceleration leader and convenor of action partners. Our galvanizing purpose is to help shape a thriving future for all.

How does RSI do this?

  • We engage and collaborate with forward-thinking leaders, subject matter experts, organizations, communities, and civic society.
  • We help to discover, create, and use scalable solutions to systemic sustainability and resiliency challenges impacting our planet, people, and social & economic well-being. 
  • We speed up discovery to action through outcome-driven knowledge exchanges, future-readiness foresight, and systems thinking for identifying what’s possible and most likely to succeed. 
  • Through our FutureREADY programs, we work with organizations and communities to advance their future readiness and the stakeholders they serve.