Connecting Leaders to shape a Zero Waste Future


“Without urgent action, global waste will increase 70% by 2050 compared to current levels. We have to change this trajectory.” – The World Bank

Let’s look at how plastic, for instance, which nearly everyone, everywhere comes in contact with, is destroying entire ecosystems.

The World Forum says plastics have become the ubiquitous workhorse material of the modern economy.  Given the projected growth in consumption, by 2050 oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish (by weight), and the entire plastics industry will consume 20% of total oil production and 15% of the annual carbon budget.

Applying a circular economy mindset to refuse, reduce, recycle and reimagine waste, we can turn the challenges of our current plastics and disposable economy into a global opportunity for innovation and value capture, resulting in stronger economies and better environmental outcomes.

Other waste polluting sources include textile and clothing, technology, construction, water, energy, food and more.

The Good News – By taking action now, we can change the narrative before our world becomes unsustainable. The survival of the natural systems that all humanity depends on, is at stake.




RSI Rethink Waste Action Partners

The Rethink Waste Initiative was created, driven by a mission to connect and collaborate with leaders and experts, to help shape a zero waste, circular economy future.

We mobilize this mission through delivery of several action focused services, designed to engage, collaborate and partner with leaders and influencers as active Rethink – Reduce Waste participants.

Key Rethink Waste Delivery Channels

  • Accelerated Solution Discovery Learning Workshops
    • For Corporate and Entrepreneurial Enterprises
    • For Post-Secondary Schools
    • For Community Groups
    • For Government
    • For Public Forums
  • Thought Leadership Reports
    • Multi-disciplined, evidence based, solution focused reports
    • Co-authored with strategic partners and experts
  • Ted Talk Style Keynote Presentations
  • Expert Advisory Services
    • For Leaders
    • For Teams
    • For Boards
    • For Stakeholder Groups
  • Corporate and Public Events

Call for Rethink Waste Action Partners and Collaborators

If you are a forward-thinking company, organization, entrepreneur or subject matter expert who views waste reduction as a critical mission too, and are interested in learning more, please contact to schedule a time to talk.

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