Stepping Up to the 2030 Net Zero Waste Challenge in Ontario

To accelerate the advancement of sustainability and resiliency in Ontario, RSI is launching a new inter-generational Rethink Waste initiative that appeals to businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and post-secondary students.

It is simple. Engaging. Inspirational. Inclusive. Designed for action, it ignites positive change that moves society and business closer to a net zero waste future in Ontario – starting with a call for submissions of ideas and solutions for achieving this goal: Net Zero Waste by 2030 in Ontario.

The campaign.

A public call for submissions from businesses, organizations, individuals and post-secondary students for innovative and actionable solutions and ideas for rethinking and reducing waste where they live, work and travel.

Are you a forward-thinking company, organization or entrepreneur who views waste reduction as a critical mission too? Contact us to get involved as campaign partners, collaborators and judges at for more details.

The program.

The Rethink Waste program consists of a portfolio of facilitated sessions to assist businesses and groups who are motivated to step up the net zero waste challenge inside their respective organizations.  The portfolio of programs include: educational workshops, ideation sessions, design charrettes and implementation strategies. This has the added advantage of building teams within and across different divisions and areas of expertise of your organization.  Galvanized by a common mission of creating and executing the innovative solutions for reducing and repurposing waste, the program inspires a culture of innovation, collaboration and positive change.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please contact to schedule a time to talk.