If you ask Ray Yabuta, Creative Director of Propeller Studios, what he has to say may surprise you.

Ray and the Propeller team
To succeed in today’s disruptive landscape, we have adopted a mindset and practice of continuous learning and adaptation to stay at the helm of what’s needed to scale up to provide relevant value to our customers and be a force for good.

As a boutique studio, we have always worked efficiently to design and deliver high-impact user experiences through branding, websites and digital communications.  We are now able to honour our commitment to be a profitable force for good, by embedding sustainability principles and practices into our operation and product offerings.

The Pivotal Moment

Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) has been a major influence in how we have been able to achieve this dual goal.

It all started in 2013, when we were first involved with RSI’s Action-Partners event for senior leaders and entrepreneurs at MaRS.  ‘Wow!’ does not come close to expressing the positive impact of that whole experience on me personally. It ignited my decision to embed sustainability a core pillar of our company’s success and the importance of collaborating with others around common goals.

“Everyone wants to do their part to advance the future sustainability of humanity – regardless of scale.  RSI created a forum for this to happen”

As one great example, I remember sitting with a group of CEOs, SMEs, investors, engineers, marketers, academics and grad students.  We were working together on actionable solutions to some critical sustainability issues affecting our future. It was the first time I’d had the privilege of sitting at the same table with such high-profile yet humble executives and students in the same space. The passion and the speed of decision-making was profound.  A key takeaway for me was that everyone wants to do their part to advance the future sustainability of humanity – regardless of scale.  RSI created a forum for this to happen, and their style of facilitation provided a means to tap into the collective intelligence and energy to achieve meaningful results.
Fast-forward four years, Propeller Studios has evolved into a force for good by rethinking and redoing business to be more sustainable for ourselves and the services we deliver to clients.  Even though we are a small digital design and marketing studio, by doing more with less and working for clients who share the vision for being a profitable force for good too, we have been able to work alongside many wonderful businesses – and we are excited about what’s up ahead.

Small Changes we’ve Made that are Easy to Replicate and Scale Up

  • Building in sustainable hosting for your website
  • Reduce use of paper by digitalizing your communication, product catalogues and sales
  • When paper is necessary, use paper containing 100% post-consumer waste
  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs in the studio
  • Replace paper-based project management to 100% digital tools.
  • Get involved in supporting game-changing organizations with mandates that drive sustainable solutions
  • Work with experts to make informed decisions that will help with business goals and environmental and social impact

Serious Fun for Serious Good

RSI has worked relentlessly over the years to discover and share innovative and scalable sustainability solutions for advancing the ability of organizations and people to thrive! That includes mentoring us on how to do the same in the context of our creative design and communication practice.

As a way of paying it forward, we are supporting RSI to do some serious good at its Serious Fun on April 27th in Toronto. We hope to see you there!

Learn about and register for the SERIOUS FUN to do some SERIOUS GOOD. A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to a local green education charity for kids in the Regent Park community to help advance their ability to thrive too!

To chat with Ray about his views on rethinking sustainability, he can be reached at Ray@PropellerIdeas.com


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