Project Description


The capability gap created by the upcoming exodus of knowledgeable retirees is not only widening, but is speeding up. To bridge this gap—and strengthen the future capability readiness of their organizations—leaders and entrepreneurs are investing in attracting and developing right-fit talent as a competitive priority. They are also tapping into the brain-trusts of key executives and experts, before they move on, as part of this capability investment.

To better understand this capability challenge and how forward-thinking organizations can address it as a competitive advantage, we conducted an in-depth research study in 2015.  The results are captured in a peer-reviewed white paper, “InterGEN:  Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow – Starting Today!”.  As its core, InterGEN is a dynamic engagement and inter-generational mentoring process, focused on identifying, developing and retaining strategically aligned talent as a competitive asset.

 The research insights were further tested at RSI’s first InterGEN action learning workshop on September 27th, 2016, at the University of Toronto Faculty Club.  Over 70 delegates from different sectors, cultures and generations – Boomers, GenXs and Millennials – shared their experience in presentations and discussions.

This article captures key insights from all of these sources: