Project Description

The Future of Climate and Energy


On March 20, 2024, RSI held its second event in the 2024 Futures Action series—The Future of Climate & Energy—hosted by TELUS at 25 York Street in Toronto. More than 110 industry-recognized leaders and experts from across multiple sectors and disciplines participated in the discovery and rethinking of what is possible while sharing ways to act now. The participants included commercial-residential and institutional real estate developers, operators, and REITS; industry leaders and experts in energy generation and distribution, climate change, infrastructure risk mitigation, and district energy; and a diverse collection of Cleantech and Smarttech entrepreneurs and collaborators.

The Future of Climate & Energy event was made available online as a livestream and held in person at the TELUS Harbour, an impressive 30-storey office skyscraper, designed by Sweeny&Co. Architects in collaboration with Adamson Associates Architects. Throughout the event, Lissa Sorsa, a graphical animation artist from Thinklink Graphics, captured the key concepts of the conversation in illustrations as they unfolded.

Here is the Summary Report from The Future of Climate & Energy event on March 20, 2024.

Download the report here