Yasmin Glanville, Founder- Rethink Sustainability Initiatives

Within minutes of my meeting Chris Klugman at a public business forum, we quickly recognized a lot of synergies between our respective beliefs and world views. Fast forward a few weeks, and Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) chose his Paintbox Catering and Bistro as the ideal venue for our April 27th SERIOUS FUN event for SERIOUS GOOD .

As an inspirational catalyst for social innovators, Klugman is a progressive entrepreneur. He’s fully committed to enabling successful employment and community engagement, and to delivering premium catering and event planning services throughout the Greater Toronto Area—earning preferred caterer status at MaRS Discovery District and all Artscape venues.

Where our Missions Align

Though our respective mandates are different, Paintbox and RSI are clearly aligned around helping individuals, organizations, and communities to be prepared to thrive into the future in a fast-changing world.

We are each dependent upon one another and
responsible for our impact on future generations

For Klugman, a core philosophy that has guided many of his decisions throughout 30 years in food and hospitality is his belief that businesses should be operated as if people and places matter. This recognizes that we are each dependent upon one another and responsible for our impact on future generations. Specific to Paintbox, this means serving delicious food while making a positive impact on the community.

To further reinforce this social philosophy, Paintbox became a B Corp business in 2013, certified by B Lab – a non-profit organization that certifies for-profit entities that create a positive impact on their society, community, and environment. Klugman also launched Regent Social, housed in Paintbox. It provides a transformative event space, which acts as a creative hub for entrepreneurs, artists, businesses, and community organizations in the heart of the Regent Park community! Regent Social has hosted unique weddings, pop-up clothing shops, chef events, cocktail receptions, and everything in between.

On a parallel path, RSI is an incorporated not-for-profit organization – led by a diverse Board of Directors and Senior Advisors from business, entrepreneurs, social and environmental innovation, technology, professional services, energy and emerging industries and next generation leaders. As a knowledge and communication exchange, RSI engages and partners with thought-leaders, innovators and organizations to advance the sustainability and resiliency of businesses, institutions, and communities to thrive in the new realities of today’s disruptive world.

Since 2012, RSI has delivered significant value by bringing together diverse leaders and change-makers from Canada and abroad, to share and discover solutions to some of the biggest sustainability and resiliency challenges we face. RSI convenes formal and information discussions, action-learning accelerators, InterGen workshops, innovation dens for entrepreneurs and students, public speaking, community outreach activities, and the publication of white papers and articles. RSI works with a network of over 9000 industry and market leaders, through alliances in Ontario, and with our global associates.

Walking far – Together*

Like Paintbox, RSI is also gearing up for its next level of evolution. Leveraging our strengths and partnering with other forward-thinkers and doers to create a cohesive and collaborative force for good.

Although our relationship with Paintbox is new, RSI looks forward to exploring how we can continue to “walk far by walking together”– starting with our April 27th, SERIOUS FUN for serious good event which is catered and hosted by Paintbox. A portion of the proceeds from the evening’s silent auction will be donated to Green Thumbs Growing Kids (greenthumbsto.org), a green-education charity for kids in the Regent Park community to enhance their ability to thrive too.

Please join us. It’s a perfect opportunity for other mission-focused business leaders and innovators to have a great time, and to enjoy the delicious cuisine of Paintbox’s Chef Rami and his team, while supporting a local community-builder.

*(African Proverb: If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.)

For more information:
Contact travis@rethinksustainability.ca to learn about RSI and special event rates for Paintbox clients.
Contact info@paintboxbistro.ca or visit www.paintboxbistro.ca to learn more about Paintbox Catering and Bistro.