Krista Jones
Krista Jones Managing Director, Work and Learning, MaRs, Venture Services
Krista is the creator, managing director, and driving force behind the MaRS Discovery District’s globally leading Work & Learning sector. She works with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors and technologists who are applying innovative and cutting-edge technologies to create solutions that are advancing the competitiveness of global enterprises small and large and the workforce that fuels them.

Informed by her deep engagement with over 1000 technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators over the last 10 years, Krista is relied on as thought leader in the “Future of Work” by organizations from all around the world.

Krista has been a passionate innovator and builder of technology-based businesses (large public companies and startups) for over 25 years. She is an engineer, entrepreneur, mentor and an expert at solving ambiguous problems. She has a unique combination of strategic, technical, operational and marketing expertise. She is known for her comprehensive knowledge of existing and emerging Information & Communications (ICT) architectures, technologies, business models and innovation practices.