The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The impact of environmental and socio-economic disruptions, reported daily around the world, can be overwhelming! Even though many are committed to doing something about it, everyday priorities takeover; sustainability and adaptation become background noise.

But what would happen if we stepped outside the public narrative, and asked more personal questions like:

  • What can we do to prepare our families and loved ones for a future of more certainty beyond mere survival?
  • How can we enable seniors and their families to have more financial freedom and peace of mind?
  • What if we focus on creating a legacy that keeps on giving?
  • How can we have more financial security and less stress, so individuals and organizations have more time to get actively involved in addressing bigger issues facing our world?

Agnes Chaitas, a top realtor at Royal LePage Terrequity and a life-long sustainability champion, thinks a lot about this and has decided to do something about it in the best way she knows how.

Small Actions for Everyday Living

In terms of everyday living, Chaitas started her sustainability actions by thinking about what can be achieved with less as a normal practice – at home, work, and active lifestyle choices. She reduces food waste by only buying what can be consumed. Reduces carbon emissions and energy costs by installing and maintaining energy efficient furnaces, appliances, and double-pane windows. Volunteering with relevant community groups and organizations. “At first, as appropriate, I advised clients on small changes for improving the energy performance and sustainability of their properties.”

At first, as appropriate, I advised clients on small changes for improving
the energy performance and sustainability of their properties

Fast forward two years, the sustainability bud blossomed into a whole systems strategy of helping clients expand their thinking about what’s possible. This includes transforming their homes and condos into sustainable income-earning properties; and developing “legacy” portfolios for their children and grandchildren.
In today’s circular economy, it makes sense to shift from the old model of investing in one property. Paying off the mortgage and being house poor – i.e. no funds for living.

Preparing for the Future – with Present Day Benefits

Thinking outside the box, Chaitas combines her accounting expertise with real estate, to finding the right-fit real estate solutions for busy home buyers and investors via “Sustainable legacy investments that keep on giving”. Simply put, Agnes and her team create scalable real estate investments that fit every stage of a person’s life, investor goals and expected ROI. And eases the financial crunch that many home owners experience by creating new passive revenue streams from their properties.

A Case In Point

“A client of mine sold a property in her home country, brought the funds here and invested with a bank at a conservative rate of return of 3%, as unfortunately,high risk investments yielding higher returns weren’t an option due to her age. To overcome that barrier, she needed another solution that reaped higher return. We tailored a legacy investment solution that fit her perfectly: Acquire and pay off two condos, turn them into rental properties that generate a steady monthly income stream.
The outcome: the properties started generating $3350 net per month from these rental investments and not only does this provide an income for her, but she still owns these properties which are appreciating in value every year. Since she purchased last year, they have appreciated upwards of 11%! She also has the peace of mind, knowing she can pay it forward as a debt-free gift for her family.”

Everyone deserves a home and the freedom and peace of mind it brings. But every situation is unique and investments need to be tailored to each client’s needs.

How Royal LePage Terrequity Intersects with Rethink Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental and social responsibility are increasingly part of the client conversations, with an emphasis on green living spaces and metrics to back up the promise.

I like how RSI is a trusted knowledge exchange for
forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs

“I like how RSI is a trusted knowledge exchange for forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs, who want to advance the ability of others to thrive today and tomorrow”. That aligns perfectly with what drives Chaitas’s decision to structure Legacy Investments, for individual and group buyers, as gifts that keep on giving to support the next generation too.

Deepening her Decision to Get Involved

Seeing the “future-readiness” connection, Chaitas decided to be a Sponsor of the April 27th RSI SERIOUS FUN for SERIOUS GOOD event, featuring Juno Award winner, Donne Roberts, Chef Rami and a Silent Auction – with a portion of the auction proceeds going to Green Growing Thumbs, a charity of kids, in the Regent Park Community.
So, how does real estate factor in the sustainability equation? With the gift that keeps on giving into the future!

To learn more, Chaitas hosts free quarterly investment seminars that always sell out in advance.  Contact her to inquire about the next date:
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