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November 19, 2019 | MaRS Discovery District, Toronto Canada

Connect with leaders to shape a Zero Waste, Circular Economy Future



Rethink Waste – Action Partners: Powered by Technology and Collaboration


 “Without urgent action, global waste will increase 70% by 2050 compared to current levels. We have to change this trajectory.” – The World Bank

If we don’t change the narrative now, our world will be too polluted to sustain the survival of the natural systems that all humanity depends on.

Recognizing this urgent call for action, RSI is launching a solution focused, inter-generational Rethink Waste initiative for leaders and experts to share and discover innovative and scalable solutions to move us closer to a Zero Waste, circular economy future.

The journey starts August through, to and beyond the November 19th, RSI Rethink Waste Action Partners leadership exchange and innovation zone at MaRS to promote innovative waste solutions for today and tomorrow.  Plus, a private gathering for speakers and sponsors.


The Good News

Innovative waste solutions are being discovered, tested, proven and rolled out faster than ever before – creating new opportunities for positive change that can be acted on now.  A key enabler is the power of new technologies (AI, robotics, data science) and new multi-disciplined collaborations (science, business, economics, government, etc.) that aim to design out waste and enable a circular economy. The end goal for this powerful combo is the creation of a healthier, balanced and zero waste future.

As illustrated on the right, Waste Reduction can be applied to any Phase of the Circular Economy too.

The primary Rethink Waste categories are food, textiles/clothing, construction, technology and plastics.

Who is this initiative for? Senior and emerging business Leaders, entrepreneurs and experts who want to connect with others to promote, share and discover actionable solutions to drive us closer to a healthy, prosperous and balanced zero waste future.


Key elements of the Rethink Waste Action Partners Initiative:

August to November

  • Articles, social media and digital communication
  • Online directory
  • Private gathering for speakers and sponsors

November 19th, 2pm to 8:30pm:

An interactive action learning and networking exchange including an Innovation Zone (mini tradeshow) of proven, scalable solutions, open forum explorations, dinner dialogue and real time multi-media coverage.

The Speakers will present the perspective of specific action partnerships or collaborations, highlighting actual use cases/projects and practices.

AGENDA and speaker details will be announced in the coming weeks


Post Event: Rethink Waste Thought Leadership Report and Online Community

To further advance the end goal, we will be producing a Rethink Waste Thought Leadership Report, an online directory/community of solution leaders and resources and ongoing collaborations.

All November 19th event sponsors are invited to partner with RSI on these and/or other solution discoveries and best practices for use by leaders, organizations and communities.


Calling all Waste Solution Leaders to partner with RSI for this important initiative


Sponsor and Partnership Opportunities

If you have a proven, scalable technology enabled solution to a waste challenge, related to one or more of these categories: Food, Technology, Construction, Clothing/Textiles, or  Plastic and are interested in partnering with RSI, read this one-page Rethink Waste Action Partners sponsorship summary, and let’s talk.

Contact us to learn more about RSI, the Leadership series and speaking, sponsorship and partnership opportunities: