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Rethink Business as Usual

March 28th, 2018 – Toronto, Canada

Welcome to AI Sustainable Futures Summit and Innovation Zone. This is a one-day action-focused exchange where forward-thinking leaders, entrepreneurs and experts from business, finance, science, cities and civil society come together to discover opportunities for advancing our future sustainability— with a special focus on AI, Digital Technologies and other Transformative Innovations. And, to forge new partnerships with fellow trailblazers for getting to the next level of future readiness.

Why Now? We are at a key inflection point.

A fast-moving wave of competing drivers of change is racing toward us – reshaping our world on every front: social, environmental, economic, cultural, technological. Those who ride that wave to success will need a deep understanding of these realities – to extract competitive advantage from new tools, new practices and innovative solutions, and incorporating them into their organizations, products and services.

Now RSI offers a rare opportunity to learn firsthand from some of the greatest thinkers and savviest operators behind this paradigm shift.  Experts and change-makers who understand how this new global and local world works – how you can adapt, create and lead your own organization to higher ground, and higher performance, through the use of AI, Digital Technologies and other Innovations that are transforming the landscape.

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