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The speed, volatility and complexity of global issues today are forcing us outside of our silos to discover more broad-based solutions to sustainability issues. This event pulled together an exceptional cross-section of senior executives for an interactive dialogue and passionate debate, focused on reducing carbon emissions, conserving/renewing energy and adapting to extreme changes in this new environment.

Peter Boyd presented a special key note on “Mobilizing the Carbon Conversation for Profitable and Scalable Actions”. Peter highlighted breakthrough strategies for developing profitable solutions to reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency while emphasizing the importance of private sector leadership as a key success criterion in mobilizing action.

This was not a hypothetical roundtable discussion. These key decision-makers were focused on proven, game-changing solutions, and practical answers to questions such as:

  • Which solution works best and why?
  • How can they work together?
  • What is most critical given the extreme changes facing us and why?

Meet the Leaders Circle:

Trevor Ducharme – Managing Director, Daniels Carbon
Joanne Bjarnason – VP Marketing, Lefarge Canada
Perry Toms – President & CEO, Steeper Energy Canada Inc.
Dr. Daniel Kaute – President & CEO, Environmental Waste International Inc.
Tonya Lagrasta – Manager, Community Leadership, KPMG Canada
Frank Carnevale – SVP, Strategic Developments & Communications, SustainCo Inc.
Krishan Bhatia – President & CEO, Energy Network Services Inc.
Paul Dowsett – Architech and CanPHI Passive House Planner, Sustainable. TO
Moderated by Doug Miller, Chairman, GlobeScan Inc.