We Need Your Support to Help Achieve Our Goals

Keeping the work of RSI going is a combination of time from our volunteer workforce and the generosity of our sponsoring companies.

The revenues from our Speaker Series and the various events we host will help to cover part of our operating expenses, yet there are still a number of everyday expenses and personnel requirements we have to cover to keep going. These include:

  • A small professional support staff
  • Event costs
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Student interns
  • Office expenses
  • Website and publications

To date we have been fortunate to attract in-kind sponsorship in the forms of marketing, promotion, sponsorship development, legal, banking and other services. Sponsorship and ongoing donations are needed to keep us running and doing this very important work.

Click here to become an RSI Supporting Sponsor.

Alternatively, contact Yasmin Glanville directly at, or at (416) 970-6600