Darla Campbell, P.Eng.
Darla Campbell, P.Eng. Associate, Dillon Consulting Limited
Darla Campbell is a professional engineer who learned her first big leadership lessons in the trenches of a construction site. After contributing nearly 20 years working in the area of water and wastewater project management and operational enhancements with municipalities, government (OCWA) and private companies, she re-certified as a trainer and coach to expand her expertise to the efficiency improvements of a company’s greatest asset – its people.

Darla is experienced in municipal and provincial infrastructure development from environmental assessment through design, construction and operation. Darla combines the principles of engineering design, problem solving and coaching theory to get extraordinary results. She coaches corporate clients to reach new heights and inspires groups to redefine possible.

In her previous role as Executive Director of the Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (OCSI), Darla helped advance sustainable infrastructure by focusing on innovation in municipal procurement, sustainable funding, and communication to convey the value of infrastructure and asset management.
Darla Campbell recently joined Dillon as a Sustainability & Asset Management Specialist with 28 years of experience in infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance. Darla has had a career in the consulting industry since 1989, from EIT to Vice President Business Development and was most recently the Executive Director of the Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (OCSI). A speaker at various conferences across the country on climate change and municipal infrastructure, Darla is adamant that strategic thinking and public engagement are essential in solving the infrastructure deficit.