Catalyzed by the power of data

When we think about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), the automatic association is a non-invasive procedure that allows physicians to observe the inner workings of the human body for diagnostic purposes. Now imagine having a similar capability that can scan and read gamma radiation emitted by the soil resulting in a clear picture of its condition at a high-resolution.

That’s where SoilOptix® has elevated the science of soil management to a new level of sophistication, speed and precision.  Its founder, Paul Raymer, engineer by passion and raised on a farm in Oxford County, knows first-hand why healthy soil is so critical as a basis for sustainable agriculture and food production.

So, he invented SoilOptix®, and began revolutionizing the soil-mapping industry. Essentially, it’s a technology that optimizes the power of data to more precisely diagnose physical soil samples and translate this information into high definition digital soil nutrient and texture maps. The results translate into 335 data points in every acre. SoilOptix® has developed over 25 different nutrient and texture layers revealing high and low pockets of fields to optimize management decisions. Data delivered to the customer is VRA ready in order to maximize seeding and input performance – to help increase crop yields and better manage agricultural land.

The sensor is mounted on any field-ready vehicle collects radiation signature every 3-5 feet, travelling at 12mph in 40’ swaths. The raw survey map provides a real-time snapshot of radiation activity, resonating towards the soil texture trends of a field. For every 8 acres surveyed one physical soil sample is collected and used to calibrate the radiation collected.

Raymer and his team have a bigger vision too. They are all passionate about using technology to help farmers understand and improve their soil health and soil fertility to grow better crops to reduce hunger and feed the world.

SoilOptix® is inspired to bring to agriculture a new one-of-a-kindm and affordable soil analysis system that sets a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture. Offering much more than traditional soil measurement practices, SoilOptix® delivers the highest definition and most detailed field nutrient and texture maps obtainable today. This empowers growers to make the best decisions for management and soil stewardship.

Another personal driver of Raymer is improving food security and improved nutrition through promoting sustainable agriculture. Healthy soil is crucial attaining this goal as it serves as a basis for more than 95% of Soil is crucial for attaining this goal as it serves as a basis for more than 95% of global food production.

Healthy Soil also supports a more sustainable and healthy food supply.

Different soils have different fertility level, thus different potential to support food production. The climate and the genetic composition of the crops also play a role in food production.  But having a precise understanding of the amount of nutrients and water available for the plants to grow is determined by the soil. Precise management of the soil is also critical, requiring a base line understanding of the current state and what needs to be addressed to produce optimal soil for optimal outputs.

SoilOptix® is continuing to provide sensors to retailers and agronomists across North America and worldwide in order to add a new level of high definition soil information to an industry that currently strives for more big data. Sustainability within any industry is the driving force behind many companies values and is a key player into the decision making of SoilOptix® as it revolutionizes the soil information realm in agriculture.

Paul Raymer will be speaking at the RSI AI Sustainable Futures Summit, March 28, on the use of data in the agricultural industry. Additionally, exploring the utilization of AI for modelling soil nutrients to provide farmers with the most relevant information for making sound economic and environmental decisions.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit