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Mobilizing Precision Agriculture

Summit Interview with Joseph Russo, PhD., ZedX Co-founder and Head of Research and Model Development at BASF Prognosticators tell us that the current wave of information technologies will create a level of social change equivalent to that of the industrial revolution. Dr. Joseph Russo knows this too well since he has participated in the development of information tools for agriculture for over 35 years. Joe remembers his university days in the early 1980s when vans with Loran [...]

January 31st, 2018|AI Sustainable Futures|

Automation and Mobility: towards the future we want

Looking back at sepia-toned photos of dusty city avenues with crowded streetcars and horse-drawn carts, there’s no doubt that the automobile changed the face of cities. But now the question is: How will new technology, particularly shared data and autonomous vehicles, change the city of the future? “Our cities were built around carriages and horses, but we had years to adjust to the full impact of automobiles,” says Antoine Belaieff, director of regional planning with Metrolinx. “With autonomous [...]

January 29th, 2018|AI Sustainable Futures|

Clearing away the Cost of Uncertainty

How AI can help improve our businesses and our lives Troy Wright is a career banker who reinvented himself as a fintech entrepreneur with His message: every business needs to reinvent itself, now. With new technologies such as AI and machine learning clearing uncertainties and inefficiencies out of every industry, the organizations that make the best use of data will become tomorrow’s winner. The good news, says Wright, is that anyone can do this. Technology has [...]

January 24th, 2018|AI Sustainable Futures|