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Are You Ready to Succeed in a Disruptive Era – How Do You Know?

By Kelsey Saunders, Daniel King, and Usman Khan Calling all senior leaders and entrepreneurs– this is the voice of the next generation. A voice of a generation that is being underutilized and underemployed. We are recent graduates in Architectural Science and Engineering disciplines and are seeking meaningful employment to apply our knowledge and skills. We are eager to use the skills we learned to help solve time-critical issues faced in today's disruptive environment. We are also agile in our ability [...]

September 15th, 2016|Uncategorized|

The Race is On!

Bridge the capability gap before the boomer brain-trust retires, by unlocking the power of a multi-generational and diverse workforce – starting today! By: Yasmin Glanville and Darla Campbell Unlocking competent, future-ready talent across your organization is more than an ideal. For businesses trying to grow in today’s disruptive environment, it is critical. And leadership continuity is all the more urgent in the face of the potential vacuum being created by the imminent retirement of a generation of experienced and capable [...]

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