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InterGEN speaks to the people capability requirements for delivering value into the future, by investing in developing tomorrow’s leaders and optimizing established brain trusts– starting today! We leverage our intergenerational network of thought leaders at the forefront of change, innovation and sustainability to accelerate future-ready capabilities in a disruptive era.




York University Environmental Studies 2016


Another Community Outreach by RSI in support of NextGen leaders

TECH – The Suffix That Disrupts Summary

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TECH - The Suffix That Disrupts Summary There is no more disruptive [...]


Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

The Globe and Mail- After Hurricane Sandy, Toronto Architects Design a Home to Endure Paul Dowsett, RSI Director and founding Principal Architect at SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building (STO), and his team [...]

“Smart” Homes

The Globe and Mail- In the age of 'Smart' Homes, Sometimes Dumb is Best In this article, RSI Director and founding Principal Architect at SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building (STO), Paul [...]

BRIDGE: Alumni Chat

BRIDGE: Alumni Chat with Paul Dowsett In this article, Paul Dowsett, RSI Director and founding Principal Architect at SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building (STO), opens the doors for the next generation [...]

The Power of Collaboration

RSI Founder and President, Yasmin Glanville explores the power of collaboration in creating sustainable value. Originally published in Corporate Knights.

Implementing Sustainability

RSI Directors Peter Love and James Gray-Donald provide expert advice on how to effectively implement sustainability – step by step – based on their senior leadership experience in sustainability roles for large organizations.

Verifying green plans

RSI Board Directors Peter Love and Melanie Steiner provide expert advice on how to effectively measure your progress towards sustainability.

Nine Steps to Designing a Successful Sustainability Program

RSI Director Peter Love and RSI President Yasmin Glanville explain the process, from preparing the initial plan and benchmarking, to including other stakeholders.

What to do when you’ve picked all the low-hanging fruit

In this article, RSI Director Nadine Gudz shares some insight into how her organization, InterfaceFLOR Canada, continues to push towards their goals – now that the easy sustainability gains have all been ‘picked’.

The Green Plan: Harnessing the power of sustainability marketing and leadership

RSI President Yasmin Glanville and Directors Peter Love and Bill Ratcliffe provide a step-by-step guide for companies and entrepreneurs creating a sustainability framework. Go from design to implementation to verification, to become a green business powerhouse.

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